Multi room Audio/Video Automation

Multi Room Audio Video Automation

If you want to expand the boundaries of your sound environment you should consider multi-room sound system. With this advanced type of Audio System, you can share your favourite songs across multiple zones of your home for multi-room listening enjoyment. Alternatively, you can program music to stream into different rooms or zones to let individual family members choose the music or entertainment they prefer. You can also use your audio system to set up multi-room background mood music for your guest’s enjoyment during a party or celebration. Home-Elite Inc. supplies and installs the Multi-Room Audio Solution from leading manufactures including Nuvo, Nils, Russound, Denon, Leviton, which you can manage via Remote Controls, iPads, iPods, wall touchscreens or even your own smartphones. Plus, additional features can be programmed into your device to let you control lighting, climate, curtains, and screens if you choose to create a home theatre environment.